Welfare drug testing

April 18, Updated: April 19, at The findings — that only of the 4, people who took a drug test failed — are additional ammunition for the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, which sued the state and won a temporary ban on the drug-testing program in October, said ACLU spokesman Derek Newton.

Welfare drug testing

Is the drug testing of welfare recipients an effective method for saving taxpayer money? The results are inconclusive. CLAIM Drug testing welfare recipients and then disqualifying those who fail from collecting benefits is an effective method for saving taxpayer money.

Although a number of states proposed the drug testing of welfare applicants and recipients following the Welfare Reform Act ofmost of these proposals stalled in state legislatures.

However, inwelfare drug testing took off when three states — Arizona, Florida, and Missouri — passed legislation that required drug testing for at least some groups of TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families applicants or recipients.

Welfare drug testing

By the end of14 states had mandated welfare-related drug testing, and an additional two states enacted similar legislation in Most of these laws are suspicion-based drug testing, meaning that a state agency must have a reasonable suspicion that the individual is using drugs in order to test the person rather than random drug testing of all welfare applicants or recipients, an approach which Florida tried until courts ruled it to be an unconstitutional practice.

The pro-welfare drug testing meme reproduced above appears to present a reasonable approach to many viewers, who reason: Based upon the figures shown below, several states count only the money spent on actual drug testing in the cost of their programs. However, there is a very real cost associated with the personnel time required to administer and interpret those questionnaires, to administer the contract with the testing company, and to follow up with the individuals referred for drug testing.

Therefore, the cost of such maintaining such programs can be significantly underestimated. Many of the news articles that have been written about welfare drug testing have cited extremely low rates of positive test results as evidence showing the ineffectiveness of drug testing programs.

However, those articles typically arrived at their figures by counting all of the individuals who went through the paper screening process rather than the number who actually took drug tests. If we look at the number of positive test results as a percentage of people who actually take drug tests, the percentage of positive tests results increases substantially.

But drug testing might nonetheless be considered ineffective for other reasons, chief among them that there are numerous ways applicants can game the system. They can lie on their questionnaires about previous drug use, for example.

Or they can simply refrain from using drugs for a few days before their scheduled test dates since these are not randomly-administered surprise tests by which time most drugs will have cleared out of their systems enough for them to pass urine-based tests.

Marijuana lingers longest, for roughly 30 days.

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Hair testing, which is rarely used, would show drug use within the last 90 days. The main premise behind drug testing of welfare applicants is that the state will save money by kicking drug addicts off of welfare and thereby denying them benefits which they will presumably waste on little more than supporting their drug habits.

Seven states thus far have active drug testing programs others are in the process of being implemented or have been suspended due to court rulings questioning their constitutionality: Arizona has the oldest drug testing program in place.Courts agree: Blanket drug testing with no individualized reason for suspicion is unconstitutional.

Welfare drug testing

But politicians and other leaders continue to try to implement these programs to score political points at the expense of some of the nation’s most vulnerable communities.

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Who benefits from drug testing, besides them and their cronies? This page was last updated on 27th of September If you’re here seeking a remedy for an upcoming hair drug test, stick with it here for a few minutes and read on down the page.

Does Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Save Money?

There is a section called ‘Cleansing the Hair’ and a resource available for a process that is generally considered reliable to get you over the hump with that hair test. Seven states have enacted drug testing for welfare applicants in an effort to cut costs and combat fraud -- but it’s not clear the move does either.

Various states require that public assistance recipients pass a drug test? Some of these programs include funding for public schools, job training, SSI benefits and medicaid.
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FACT CHECK: Should We Drug Test Welfare Recipients? In addition, Wisconsin included a provision in its budget bill to drug test certain individuals participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program SNAP Employment and Training program.
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