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Ultimately, it is up to the nations of the region to decide what kind of future they want for themselves and their children. For that reason, the United States is working with the Gulf Cooperation Council, Jordan, and Egypt to establish a regional strategic alliance so that Middle Eastern nations can advance prosperity, stability, and security across their home region.

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For the Israeli prime minister, that certainly helps reinforce his standing on the domestic front, but how much it will help him in persuading other members of the international community, especially co-signatories of the Iran nuclear deal who Un speech support it, is more questionable.

Israel may also regret associating itself in the future so closely with such a bellicose and contradictory speech by Trump. Some similarities were striking with both Trump and Netanyahu make common cause with the Iranian people against the regime in Tehran giving an impression at least — whether true or not — that the speeches were in some way coordinated.

Israel needed many long years to refute the allegation that, together with its neo-conservative lackeys in Washington, it pushed George W. Bush into the war with Iraq, and this at a time when, unlike Netanyahu, then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon maintained a low public profile.

If there is a sudden and serious deterioration in relations between Washington and Tehran over the next few weeks, Israel will be hard-pressed to deny that this is what it wanted to achieve all along.

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When things get complicated, as they always do, it will be easy to point an accusatory finger at Netanyahu and his country.Security Council: 1) The situation in Somalia (th meeting).

2) Report of the Secretary-General on the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (th meeting). Sep 19,  · President Trump gave his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday. Photos show reactions of leaders, some of whom Trump called out. Watch video · President Trump delivered his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday morning, and from the language he used (“Rocket Man”) to the threats he unleashed (to “totally.

Sep 19,  · President Trump, in his first speech before the United Nations, launched a rhetorical broadside Tuesday at “rogue regimes” including North Korea, Iran and Syria – while pointedly warning Kim Jong Un that the United States will “totally destroy” his country if he does not turn back from the nuclear weapons path.

President, in maiden address to UN general assembly, says of Kim Jong-un: ‘Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for him and his regime’. President Barack Obama on Tuesday delivered his final address to the United Nations General Assembly, calling on leaders to work together and criticizing those who seek a “simple rejection of.

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