Thesis u s government

Thesis[ edit ] Rodham researched the thesis by interviewing Alinsky and others, and by conducting visits to low-income areas of Chicago nearby to her hometown, Park Ridge, Illinois and observing Community Action Programs in those areas. DebsMartin Luther King, Jr.

Thesis u s government

One thesis is that the there is a continuous development from English roots through nearly two hundred years of colonial times into the Bill of Rights. Another thesis is that there is a separate and different colonial tradition that provides for an American version of a Bill of Rights.

The Magna Carta is more than a practical document specifically designed to solve feudal difficulties. True, King John was forced at gun point to recognize the existence of the traditional rights of the barons, but there are a set of principles which inform the sixty-three chaptered document signed in Runnymede in and reaffirmed by subsequent British monarchs.

The principles extend beyond the often recognized origin of the no taxation without representation doctrine in chapter 12 and the due process clause of chapter The concepts of trial by jury and no cruel punishments are present in chapter 21; and the confrontation clause of the Sixth Amendment is anticipated in chapters 38, 40, and But the most important contribution of the Magna Carta is the claim that there is a fundamental set of principles which even the King must respect.

These rights are to be secured by the principle of representation outlined in the longest chapter. The English Petition of Right, The Petition of Right is the second of the three British documents that provided a strong common law component to the development of the American Bill of Rights.

Thesis u s government

The authors of the statute consciously invoke the memory of the rule of law heritage of the Magna Carta: In the thirteenth century, the nobles petitioned the King to abandon his arbitrary and tyrannical policies; four centuries later, it was the commoners who petitioned the King to adhere to the principles of reasonable government bequeathed by the English tradition.

Under the leadership of Sir Edward Coke, a legal scholar-turned-practical politician, Parliament petitioned Charles I, son of the recently deceased King James I, to uphold the traditional rights of Englishmen.

To be sure, King Charles did not consider himself bound by the petition; in fact he disregarded it. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to underestimate the importance of the document. On the one hand, it reaffirmed the right to petition as a fundamental right that can be invoked legitimately against a monarch who has strayed from traditional principles.

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The Massachusetts Body of Liberties, The Massachusetts Body of Libertiesadopted in Decemberwas the first attempt in Massachusetts to restrain the power of the elected representatives by an appeal to a document that lists the rights, and duties, of the people.

The document, drafted and debated over several years, combines the American covenanting tradition with an appeal to the common law tradition.

Of particular importance are references to what by now were traditional on the American side of the Atlantic: The New Jersey framers also attempted to secure the potentially conflicting goals of local self government and adherence to enduring principles.

The first twelve chapters of the forty-four chapter charter concern the selection and duties of Commissioners, the encouragement of land ownership, and provision for the construction of public highways. Chapters cover relations with the Indians, wills and testaments, and taxes and assessments.

There is both a constitutional and legalistic tone to the document. Finally, there is an extensive itemization of civil and criminal rights and expectations. The document also addresses the American religious paradox.

Thesis u s government

Included in this was the right of the people to bear arms. Not included, however, in the declaration of rights that Englishmen have are the right to the free exercise of religion and the right to choose their form of government. Enhanced protection is also given to freedom of conscience. For example, the free exercise of religion clause is placed first, and is unamendable, and religious qualification for holding office is limited to belief in Jesus Christ.On January 23, the United States Navy ship USS PUEBLO (AGER-2) was attacked in international waters by North Korean forces.

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