Thesis hook menu after header

Check out this post by Justin Tadlock for more. Next to the style.

Thesis hook menu after header

As an example, this menu would appear in the "Theme Locations" box as "Header Menu".

Thesis hook menu after header

The last preparation step is to tell the theme where you want the menus to show up. You do this in the relevant theme file. So, for example, we might want our header menu to be in header. So open up that file in the theme editor, and decide where you want to put your menu.

Note that it's the header-menu being used here rather than Header Menu without a hyphen. Header-menu is the name that the code understands, Header Menu is the human-readable version that you see in the admin page.

To complete the code, you can put your extra menu someplace else. Menus Panel That's all the background work. Now, instead of seeing some text suggesting that your theme doesn't natively support menus, you'll see some Theme Location options.

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You can now use the GUI menu creator on this admin panel to put your menu s together. Give them each a name, and then assign a menu to a location with the pull-down options.

You will see your new navigation choices when you Add a New Menu. External Resources Goodbye, headaches.The menu showed up fine. I reset the permalinks. And then erase original post? Hi, custom you have custom tutorial on how to reverse the chronology of posts in the homepage from the oldest to the newest?

This particular custom will place our custom navbar at the top of the page before the header. Consult the Thesis Hook Reference List for. Howdy Customizr developer! A clean and simple solution to display a block of content right below the header is to add an action to the ‘__after_header’ hook (located in the template of the Customizr theme)..

In the file of your child theme, you can write this kind of code that will display a block right after header in your home page. You did this step correctly if a green tab titled "Header & Footer Tools" opens on the top of your MS Word Menu Bar as illustrated below.

Under the Header and Footer Tools, in the "Options" section, place a checkmark next to the "Different First Page" box.

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Follow these simple steps to add a header widget for thesis theme. your FTP client open your file located in the thesis theme custom folder the below code to the file in the custom folder.

The second line “removes” the “Thesis Nav Menu” from the location called “Thesis Hook Before Header.” The second line “adds” the “Thesis Nav Menu” to the location called “Thesis Hook After Header.”.

WordPress Actions, Filters, and Hooks: A guide for non-developers When I was learning how to use hooks in WordPress and the Customizr theme, I got tired of searching for articles that explained actions, filters and hooks, in simple terms.

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