School violence is there a problem

School Violence School violence is a major problem around the world. The effects of school violence can lead to division and severe mental and physical trauma for both perpetrators and victims alike.

School violence is there a problem

Why did they do it? Why would two teenagers deliberately plan and methodically carry out a murderous attack on their classmates? Why didn't anyone see this coming? Why didn't anyone intervene and prevent them from killing?

How can we prevent anything like that from happening again? Experts in crime, mental health, education, and social sciences have all been trying to understand the pathways to school violence.

A few common observations emerge. The first, and most disturbing, is that human beings, like few other species, are pervasively aggressive, violent and murderous to each other.

The major predators of humans are other humans. The second important point is that all violence is not the same.

Some violence is due to impulsive behavior, some due to the disinhibition by drugs or alcohol, some due to serious mental illness, some to hate, revenge, or retribution.

How any individual comes to kill is a complex combination of circumstances, and it is almost impossible to know exactly "why" for any given act of violence.

We will never really know the full answer to "why" for the murders at Columbine. Yet this should not stop us from trying to understand and prevent violence.

We know that not all humans kill. And some societies are more violent than others.

Why Does Violence Happen?

So what do we know about the conditions that increase violence? What observations are common across cultures and through history when violence emerges? When we become desensitized to death or killing, violence increases. When death and violence surrounds someone, the value of human life can diminish and the horror of violent death can decrease.

In Europe during the Black Plague, up to half the people in a village could die in a few months. The survivors often migrated to medieval cities and, soon afterwards, the rates of violence and murder skyrocketed, exceeding the rates of killing in modern New York. In the United States, while we have been spared the horrors of war in our land and plague, we will self-expose ourselves to remarkable violence.

We will watchgraphic violent acts on TV by age Too many of us have become desensitized to violent acts, not realizing the true effects of a bullet passing through a human body. Look at his head explode. His aggressive behaviors in school were so disruptive that he was placed in a special classroom.

Being part of the solution: Don't watch so much violence. It is everywhere, but try to watch less. Certainly if you are watching and someone younger is in the room, turn the channel, get them out and help younger children see less violence.

You may be able to understand something is "just television," but a young child cannot. Try to learn something about the real impact of violence. Listen to the mother of a murdered child.

Your community may have a Survivor of Violence group; see what they can tell you. Try to see what a bullet really does. A little research can teach you more about violence than a lifetime of TV or movies.Violence isn't just the shootings, it is all the stuff done at school that no one seems to hear about, fights, name calling, and excluding people you think don't  · School violence can occur (1) on school property, (2) on the way to or from school, (3) during a school-sponsored event, or (4) on the way to or from a school-sponsored event.

School Violence in the United By teaching problem-solving strategies as part of a restorative-justice program, schools can “head off fights that are brewing and other acts of violence,” she School violence isn't easy to understand.

There is no single reason why students become violent. Some are just following behavior they've seen at home, on the streets, or in video games, movies, or TV.

· from school were fearful of travelling because of the threat of peer violence and teachers reported this as a key problem for children. There was a widespread perception by children that boys were more at risk of physical violence than were girls, while girls were thought to be more often subjected to verbal or emotional abuse.  · the problem. The symposium is one of a series of international meetings UNESCO has organised to address school violence This Global Status Report on School Violence and Bullying represents a collaborative effort, made possible response to violence.

School violence is there a problem

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