Rapid migration test

For other option, we will talk in subsequent articles. MC is browser based WebDynpro interface. It will open MC on a new web browser. No programming is required by the customer.

Rapid migration test

Eric Earlier this week I started getting alerts that our Exchange server was running low on disk space for our transaction logs. When I started looking at the drive, I noticed that one of the databases was generating a new log file every 1 — 2 seconds and by the time I received the notification about the drive space we had overlog files for that database.

First step, was to enable circular logging to free up disk space. Within a few minutes we had freed up around GB of space. The second step, was to try and track down the mailbox es that were causing the problem. The suggestion from our vendor and Microsoft was to create a new database and start moving mailboxes over to the new database and see which one causes the transaction logs to start growing.

They suspected either a message stuck in the users Outbox or an ActiveSync device was causing problems. I got it narrowed down to a batch of 6 accounts. The third step, was to get the usage statistics for the database and see which of those three users had high usage.

We found that two of those three users had high usage. The fourth step, was to disable Exchange ActiveSync on both of these mailboxes. Once that was done the transaction log growth slowed way down 1 new log every 30 — 60 seconds.

I went to user1 and looked at Outlook and found nothing unusual no messages stuck in the Outbox. I had user1 log into OWA and clean up the mobile devices associated with their mailbox.

Rapid migration test

This user only needed two devices iPhone and iPad. I asked what version iOS they were running on the devices. The iPad was running iOS 8. So we removed the Exchange mailbox from their iPhone and re-enabled Exchange ActiveSync on their mailbox.

Sent a few test emails to and from their iPad. No rapid transaction log growth. We re-added their Exchange mailbox to their iPhone and sent a few more tests and everything looked fine. I thought maybe the iOS 8. So I told user2 to do the same thing on their iPhone. We removed the Exchange mailbox and re-enabled Exchange ActiveSync.

So I told them to go ahead and add the mailbox back to their iPhone. Almost instantly the problem showed up again.The Knowledge Centre, a network made up of experts in and outside the Commission, will support EU policymakers and national authorities by providing access to, and sharing up-to-date scientific knowledge on food fraud and food quality issues.

Rapid migration test

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Each cloud migration approach is clearly defined with guidance for implementation. [BOOK I Psalms 1–41] Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night.

The SAP Rapid Migration Test Program is an SAP program that leverages the AWS Cloud to help customers migrate their SAP solutions running on a non-HANA database to the SAP HANA database in only a few days and with minimal infrastructure cost.

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