Intermediate first year french model papers

The Inter 1st and 2nd year question papers are obtainable on our site, for those who are learn in the intermediate junior 1st year and senior 2nd year in the state of AP, Telangana. Numbers of applicants are studying in the Andhra Pradesh and TS board, those applicants are keenly waiting for the previous year question paper. It is accessible here with the answers for the junior first year and second year candidates.

Intermediate first year french model papers

The Discovery It is difficult to single out who first discovered polarized light. Early humans could have noticed a peculiar smudge when looking at the sky in certain directions.

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Moreover, polarization has lots of quirks and was discovered many times in different contexts: But the official story goes like this: Viking tales circa Did the Vikings beat Bartholinus by a thousand years? As described elsewhere in Polarization. That not so icy at the time land later became the main source of Iceland Spar nowadays, a more accurate name would be Mexican Spar as the Iceland deposits have been depleted.

Iceland Spar had a prime role in the modern discovery of polarization and continues to be a preferred material to split the polarization components of light. It is easy to conceive that a Viking, exhausted after some foray, would have taken some time to play with those transparent crystals and noticed how images were doubled or was it the beer?

Bartholinus sees double Iceland Spar was involved in the official discovery of polarization. This naturally occurring transparent crystal optical quality Calcite, CaCO3 separates an image into two displaced images when looked through in certain directions.

Ina Danish mathematician at the University of Copenhagen, Erasmus Bartholinus, not only saw double, but also performed some experiments and wrote a page memoir about the results.

Intermediate first year french model papers

This was the first scientific description of a polarization effect the images are polarized perpendicular to each otherand for his efforts he may be considered the discoverer of this hidden property of light.

Huygens waves Newton Christian Huygens developed a pulse-wave theory of light that he published in in his famous optical book "Traite de la Lumiere", while Isaac Newton pushed a corpuscular theory of light in his not less influential book "Optics" Opticks however, see Note 1. Although in the end both were correct or wrong as light has a dual personality wave AND particleHuygens was closest to the modern view.

Yet, in trying to explain double refraction, Newton asks in Question 26 of Optics: The "Huygens Principle" considers each point on a wavefront the source of spherical wavefronts that add up to build the propagating wavefront. Huygens realized that if the velocity of light varied with the direction the spheres would deform to ellipsoids and thus was able to explain the refraction law for crystals such as Iceland Spar.

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Huygens experimented by passing light through two crystals and rotating one with respect to the other. This meant that each of the two beams were somehow different to ordinary light.

Huygens interpretation was that the crystal impressed a peculiar disposition into each beam while Newton thought that the crystal separated particles with different "sides". Young and restless Thomas Young had amazing broad interests and talents, "a la Leonardo".

From his discoveries in medicine and science, Helmholtz concluded: In Young did the famous double-slit interference experiment.

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This seemed to definitely prove that light behaves like waves by showing that light plus light can result in darkness destructive interference. He used his theory to explain such things as Newton rings and the rainbow supernumerary arcs.

However, the contemporary discoveries on polarization seemed to contradict the wave theory. How could the ether, a fluid, transmit a wave with sides?Intermediate Ist Year Sanskrit - March Question Paper Intermediate Ist Year Zoology EM - March Question Paper Intermediate Ist Year Zoology TM - March Question Paper.

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At the end of the first year, students have to sit for an end of year test. A small sample of papers is available here, other papers may be obtained from the administration office.

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Intermediate first year french model papers

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