How to write a name on rice

Jasmine A fragrant rice similar to basmati.

How to write a name on rice

How to Make Name on Rice Jewellery Name on rice jewellery is the ancient art of writing on a single grain of rice. Once mastered, rice writing is a rewarding and personalised art-form that is also said to bring good luck and prosperity.

The following describes some of the processes involved in rice writing and a guide for making name on rice jewellery.

how to write a name on rice

It is intended to give a background to the art for those wishing to purchase or create Name on Rice jewellery. If you would like to purchase a unique piece of Name on Rice jewellery, or wish to find out more about the symbolism and history of the art of rice writing, please visit our name on rice jewellery website page.

Name on Rice Jewellery - Equipment One advantage of rice writing is that very little specialist equipment is required and most items can be purchased from art and craft stores or online.

The following are a basic list of equipment that is required to enable you to create name on rice jewellery. Cleaned rice such as Jasmine or common long grain white rice.

This rice has a flat cylindrical shape and because it is flat it provides two wide surfaces for writing. The rice should be kept within a sealed bag containing a small amount of oil to prevent it from drying out. A very fine-tipped technical drawing pen. A line thickness of 0. Magnifying oil to fill the name on rice jewellery glass vials.

This will not only preserve the grain of rice but will also allow it to freely move within the vial. I recommend purchasing the oil that is specifically sold online for name on rice jewellery making. There are alternatives that can be used however long term discolouration of the oil may occur and the grain of rice may not be adequately preserved.

Oil based dyes, inks or paints can be used to colour the magnifying oil if required. Polymer clay is used to hold the grain of rice steady whilst writing. It is also useful for holding the glass vial upright when filling with magnifying oil and leaving to set overnight.

how to write a name on rice

A small glass vial to contain the grain of rice once complete. This comes with a rubber stopper and silver plated cap.

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