How to write a article review report for not for profit

How to Write a Successful Fundraising Plan by Joe Garecht Many non-profits, particularly smaller charities and start-ups, operate without a fundraising plan.

How to write a article review report for not for profit

Printer-friendly version What is a review? The objective of a financial "review" conducted by an independent auditor is to examine the nonprofit's financial statements and determine whether the financial statements are consistent with generally accepted accounting principles.

A review shares the goals of an audit, however, a review is not conducted with the same level of investigation or analysis as an independent audit. Instead the review provides a limited level of assurance that the financial statements are free of misrepresentations.

They review for material issues and obvious deviations from GAAP.

how to write a article review report for not for profit

But they won't go in and test unique individual transactions in the same way as in an audit. A review provides some assurance, but does not independently validate transactions. What is a compilation?

A compilation is literally a compilation of financial records into a format required by accounting standards. Here are the major differences between a compilation and a financial review or an audit: During a compilation the auditor does not examine the internal controls that are used to manage the risks of embezzlement or fraud which is part of an independent audit ; During a compilation the auditor will not collect and examine source documents e.

In the report after conducting a compilation, the auditor will not provide any opinion or assurance that the financial statements accurately reflect the financial position of the organization - which is a normal outcome of an independent audit.

Why conduct a compilation? A compilation offers the advantage of engaging a set of trained eyes to review the financial records of the nonprofit. The scope of a compilation can be a month, a quarter, or an entire year's financial records.

Also, the CPA conducting the compilation may raise questions about certain records that can be helpful to spot irregularities. And last but not least, a compilation can be conducted by a CPA at a substantially lower cost than either a review or an independent audit.Orr says ASIC too cosy with banks.

how to write a article review report for not for profit

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