How do psychological factors and extended

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How do psychological factors and extended

Firstly, I would like to wish my sincere condolences to the friends and family that Dr Garman left behind. Now, I would like to consider some psychological factors that seem pertinent to the failed, and fatal, world depth record attempt.

I am not seeking to attribute blame, nor to define a cause for the tragedy. I am writing purely for educational purposes in the hope that the information shared may help prevent future accidents. This works out, on average as only 3 dives per week. Of these, a mere 35 dives were below m at the time of his record attempt.

Speaking only for myself; my humble diving experience is more than 10x that of Dr Garman. I compare myself with peers in the technical diving community and willingly accept that there are many whose experience, capability and knowledge far exceed my own. It was an enormous escalation to jump down to ft.

Progressively and incrementally increasing his extreme deep diving range would have better informed him of his personal tolerances and helped shape his descent and gas strategies.

It may even have helped him set a personal depth limit above that which he attempted for the record. Of course, that process would have taken much longer. Many, many more dives longer.

Cost much more money. But, it may have provided a lesson that he was unsuited physiologically to the extreme deep…. Each dive was seen as an affirmation of complete success and led to a subsequent deeper dive.

The pace of progression was astonishing. The steps between dive depths became greater and greater. Nothing went wrong, so nothing was considered wrong. Rather than supporting a conservative and progressive approach to developing technical diving limits with patience, humility, caution and self-awareness, the opposite has occurred.

St Croix is not blessed with deep-water wrecks or cave systems. Technical dives are conducted on deep ocean walls, with no other specific target or goal….

Website advert from St. Depth should never be glorified. Setting personal records and encouraging deep bounce dives for that purpose, is the antithesis of a proper technical diving mentality.

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There seems some serious ego behind a sweeping statement like that; especially given his relatively meagre experience and time as a technical diver.

Natural talent and abilities aside; technical diving let alone world depth record attempts demands significant experience. Competency needs to be proven at one level, before progression to subsequent levels and challenges.

Proving that competency can only occur through accumulated experience. A technical diver must have had the chance to encounter and overcome a full breadth of real not simulated foreseeable and unforeseeable problems… and must prove to themselves their ability to deal with this issues.

Only then should deeper, more complex and risk-prone depth levels be sought. When pursuing development in technical diving it is imperative to remain grounded and humble. It is critical to surround yourself with peers who help you retain a grounded ego-free approach to your diving.

Doc Deep Guy Garman pictured inafter only 2 years as a scuba diver and 1 year prior to his fatal world depth record attempt. Likewise, the ego must be controlled with regards to external feedback and advice. Some of this advice originated from diving medical professionals and vastly experienced technical or commercial divers with experience in extreme hyperbaric diving operations.

Ignore it at your peril. Few people desire to break world records in diving.Here is a list of sample EE questions. Please use them as a GUIDE to help develop a question that you would like to research in the field of psychology. Please note that I will only be able to supervise five students per cohort on the Extended Essay.

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How do psychological factors and extended

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