Favourite subject hindi

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Favourite subject hindi

Please find below some general points which the help of which you can make your ITSM preparation a success.

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Well this is my personal belief. First of all understand that ITSM Favourite subject hindi not a very tuff subject and with proper guidance and planning it can be handled easily. I know ITSM is not in the list of your favourite subject and it is not possible to make it your favourite subject in a day.

You know everything is possible in life. I will try my best to share some relevant ITSM tips. Many successful students have shared their opinion that ICAI study material is best for exam preparation and for fetching good marks. Chapter in the study of ITSM has been organized to provide a logical sequence to facilitate easy understanding.

It is a fact that language of the material is a bit technical and so is the subject. For a quick grasp of the subject during the examination days a summery has also been inserted in the end of each chapter.

To know more about how to use study material refer my Article available at the link below: Institute Study Material is best source for Exam Preparation 3.

It is important to use right reference book for ITSM or any other subject from start in order to get good result. These 2 are the most preferred book for ITSM exam preparation. The book of Dinesh Madan provides an examination oriented material with Review Questions to analyze the understanding of the topics.

It is also available in Hindi. Use secondary source of preparation provided by ICAI: It is highly recommended to use secondary source of exam preparation provided by ICAI.

Use of these secondary source of exam preparation is very crucial to check and finalise your preparation. So take note of this point. So please take note of this fact. Conceptual Understanding and regular Revision is must: With Conceptual understanding one can easily understand the practical questions and solve them easily.

I would also suggest you one strategy that a heavy topic should be followed by a small topic. In other words after completing a heavy chapter, start a small and easy chapter.

This will help you to retain concepts for a longer period and avoid mixing up of concepts. In case of poor revision, it would be difficult for you to recall ITSM concepts and formulas in exam hall.

If you fail to revise, your ITSM paper would be a complete disaster. So beware about the same. Hence after completing all the chapters revise all of them one by one in the same order in which you have made first reading.

Prepare List of Imp topics: Prepare a list of frequently asked theory questions in previous examinations and prepare them thoroughly.

You may prepare short notes of ITSM in your own language and revise them regularly. Also discuss important and crucial topics within your friend circle to ensure better grip on the topic and chapter. Some tips found on Internet: Please find below some tips to prepare IT and SM found on internet.

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Favourite subject hindi

Vaman Sivaram Apte () is an author well known to Sanskrit students. In spite of the short span of his life, i. e. 34 years, Apte’s scholarly output was remarkable. His Guide to Sanskrit Composition () and his Sanskrit Dictionaries for use in schools and colleges hold the foremost place among books of their kind, even after the lapse of close upon years and claim the respect.

A tribute to old Hindi film music. Songs of the 30s through the 60s. Dear CA Students, At IPCC level the subject of ITSM is considered as a difficult subject by most of the students. During my interaction in various sections of Caclubindia many students have asked me about the tips and tricks to prepare for ITSM subject of IPCC.

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