Factors of attractiveness essay

How do you produce an essay understanding attractiveness? Rules on composing an style definition essay. Exploration Paper on Tornadoes that allow you to know regarding how to write a tornado study paper Posted on by admin in Education How do you produce an essay understanding attractiveness?

Factors of attractiveness essay

The Computer Dance Experiment The article raises the questions of the role of appearance in the relationships. The author refers to several experiments that were established in the sphere of human relations with different age groups. The fact of being pretty or handsome is taken as a basis for establishing a correlation between person looks and how successful this person is.

Taking a lard group of university students, experimenter randomly matched them for the dates. The results of the experiment showed that there are and extremely high correlation 0.

The factors like intelligence, introversion and even attitude similarities do not meter much in a brief dating.

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It also showed that most of people are likely to assume that physically attractive people are more similar to them in attitudes and personality them the less attractive ones. For example, more mature couples are unlikely to pay a lot of attention on the physical attractiveness.

For married men the correlation is very low and there is no correlation at all for married women. There is also a significant difference in the attitude of the different genders toward the appearance: The results were achieved by means of different tests and direct questions.

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However, the physical attractiveness cannot be regarded as a separate factor that has a great influence of the relations alone. It can be viewed only together with all of the other features of personality since in most of cases the impression of physical attractiveness may be strongly reinforced by intelligence or wit of the person.

Strong and weak sides of the study The study is strong in giving different points of view on the subject. It includes the results of several experiments that cover different groups of people and prove the ideas expressed.

Providing readers with the direct results of the experiments it points out to the foundations of the thoughts expressed.

However, because of being written in a very free stile the study caries an imprint of subjective opinion of the writer. It also lacks depth and broader view on the problem. The development of the role of the physical attractiveness should also be describes as well as deeper study of the age and features of character.

Being too brief, the study is unable to provide a reader with the large amount of the new information but only to state a more or less obvious assumption and provide it with the perfunctory evidences.

The problem is described on the bases of two experiments.

Factors of attractiveness essay

The experiments were established to prove the influence of physical appearance on the attitude of one person towards another. The article also deals with an influence of similarity of people on positive or negative attitude.

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Bogus Stranger Technique It is an experiment conducted for determination of importance of similarity of people for their relations.Group cohesiveness (also called group cohesion and social cohesion) arises when bonds link members of a social group to one another and to the group as a whole.

Although cohesion is a multi-faceted process, it can be broken down into four main components: social relations, task relations, perceived unity, and emotions. [1]. Assessing the attractiveness of entering into a country is a scientific system full of logicality. The argument says to assessing the attractiveness refers to reviewing its market, resource and competitive opportunities.

This is a kind of one-sided statement because there are numerous of other. Apply the Porter's five forces model on Automobile Industry and analyse the attractiveness of the Industry for Investment purpose taking consumer and business confidence into accountshould be ahigher priority than considering the regular factors like earnings growth anddebt load.

This Business essay was submitted to us by a student in. Physical attractiveness is one of the main factors of interpersonal attraction.

A physical attraction with someone is the strongest feeling that anyone in a relationship could ever feel. “ the key determinant of romantic attraction for both sexes was the physical attractiveness of the other person” ().

Physical Attractiveness: Is a moderately good predictor of how often a female dates. For males, the relationship is not as strong. Men value opposite-sex physical attractiveness more than women (Feingold, , 91) 90% of cosmetic surgery patients are women.

The Affect of Attractiveness and Media on Self-Esteem Essay - The experimenters want to look at the relationship between self-esteem and attractiveness; More importantly, how media's image of what is attractive affects a person's self-esteem and self worth.

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