Expletive examples writing age

Looking up at the photographer while eating. Mating with the photographer.

Expletive examples writing age

It is perhaps too easy to get caught up in this, however. Reducing Clauses to Phrases, Phrases to Single Words Be alert for clauses or phrases that can be pared to simpler, shorter constructions.

The "which clause" can often be shortened to a simple adjective. Be careful, however, not to lose some needed emphasis by over-pruning; the word "which," which is sometimes necessary [as it is in this sentence], is not evil.

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Citizens who knew what was going on voted him out of office. Knowledgeable citizens voted him out of office. Or "He would never tell a student to copy. Unencumbered by a sense of responsibility, Jasion left his wife with forty-nine kids and a can of beans.

Jasion irresponsibly left his wife with forty-nine kids and a can of beans. Or leave out the word altogether and let the act speak for itself.

Reducing Clauses to Phrases, Phrases to Single Words

It is probably enough to say that the salary increase is inadequate. Does saying that it is severely inadequate introduce anything more than a tone of hysteria? Avoiding Expletive Constructions This sounds like something a politician has to learn to avoid, but, no, an expletive construction is a common device that often robs a sentence of energy before it gets a chance to do its work.

expletive examples writing age

There are twenty-five students who have already expressed a desire to attend the program next summer. It is they and their parents who stand to gain the most by the government grant.

Twenty-five students have already expressed a desire to attend the program next summer. They and their parents stand to gain the most by the government grant. Further information about expletive constructions is available on our page on The Verb "To Be". Phrases You Can Omit Be on the lookout for important sounding phrases that add nothing to the meaning of a sentence.

Such phrases quickly put a reader on guard that the writer is trading in puffery; worse, they put a reader to sleep. Many but not all of these unnecessary phrases have been taken from Quick Access: Reference for Writers by Lynn Quitman Troyka.Nov 19,  · Usage notes [].

Use of so in the sense to the implied extent is discouraged in formal writing; spoken intonation which might render the usage clearer is not usually apparent to the reader, who might reasonably expect the extent to be made explicit.

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For example, the reader may expect He is so good to be followed by an explanation or consequence of how good he is. A ccess, whether to someone or to something, is a valuable commodity these days. For sports fans, it might be a sideline pass for the Super Bowl, a box seat on the finish line at the Kentucky Derby or an invitation to step inside the ropes at the Ryder Cup.

After several years “on tour,” Death Salon finally came to Seattle this past September. The University of Washington School of Social Work hosted the two-day sold-out event and the EBF joined as a . Definition, Examples of Parallel Structures in Writing Parallelism definition: Parallelism is a grammatical term for arranging words of identical or equivalent syntactical constructions in corresponding clauses, phrases, lists, etc.

4 Responses to “What Is an Expletive?” Ric Veness on June 04, pm. I guess that puts the ‘well’ that many use as the first word of an answer, and ‘got’ when used with have in ‘have got ’ in the expletive class. Online Technical Writing: Power-Revision Techniques—Sentence-Level Revision You've probably heard plenty of times that writing should be lean, mean, clear, direct, succinct, active, and so on.

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