Endurance ernest shackleton

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Endurance ernest shackleton

There have been plans for an expedition to find the wreck but never actually launched, A study by Dr Adrian Glover of the Natural History Museum, London suggests the Antarctic Circumpolar Current could preserve the wreck on the seabed by keeping wood-boring "ship worms" away, so there is hope.

Awful calamity that has overtaken the ship that has been our home for over 12 months We are homeless and adrift on the sea ice.

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Frank Hurley The Endurance was built in Sandjeford, Norway on the 17th Decemberoverseen by the experienced master shipbuilder Christian Jacobsen at the Framnaes shipyard. When built she was one of the strongest wooden ships ever built, a true legend of the icy seas, crafted for heroic expeditions into the unkown.

An incredibly strong ship, she was 44m long with a beam of 7. Her bow had been made from single oak tree timbers selected for their shape following the curves of the ship, with her keel consisted of four solid pieces of oak all adding up to a thickness of 2.

With three masts, her forward mast was square-rigged with the two others carrying fore and aft sails, accompanied by a horsepower coal-fired steam engine which could reach speeds of over 10 knots.

Originally the ship was built for Lars Christensen and Adrien de Gerlache and their tourist company offering polar cruises, however financial problems meant that the project was cancelled. Endurance sailed from Plymouth harbour on 8th Augustsetting course for Buenos Aires, Argentina to pick up the rest of the crew including Shackleton and further supplies for their voyage.

Shackleton had stayed in England to continue to raise funds and other business matters, then travelling on a faster mail ship to Buenos Aires. On 26th October they left for their last port of call in Grytviken, South Georgia, a remote whaling station within striking distance of Antarctica.

Leaving South Georgia on 5th December they headed for the Weddell Sea and Vahsel Bay on the edge of Antarctica and where the land party would disembark and begin their long march across the contintent.

Endurance ernest shackleton

After a few days the ship hit pack ice and this slowed progress dramatically with the ice thickening which was worrying still so far from their destination. This was freak conditions for the time of year and although slow progress was being made the crew had become anxious of these problems so early into the expedition.

By mid January they managed to progress slowly through the ice floes, at times the crew took to the ice with picks, chisels and hammers to try and free a path ahead of the ship and break up the ice forming around the ship itself. Eventually despite best efforts by the end of January, Endurance was completely stuck in the ice and drifted in huge ice floes in the Weddell Sea.

Shackleton and the crew were resigned to the fact they would be spending the Antarctic winter stuck in the ice with no hope of escape for at least nine months. Disaster struck in October when the ice contracted and the ship was crushed with water now flooding in to the lower areas of the ship. Despite futile efforts to pump the water out and repair the damage, Shackleton gave the order to abandon ship on 27th October with the entire crew now beset on the ice.

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I cannot write about it. There have been several suggestions of finding the shipwreck but no expedition has ever started, with the centenary now upon us the interest will be greater than ever.

A study by Dr Adrian Glover of the Natural History Museum, London suggests the Antarctic Circumpolar Current could preserve the wreck on the seabed by keeping wood-boring "ship worms" away.One hundred years ago, Anglo-Irish explorer Ernest Shackleton embarked on a journey that would go down as one of the world's greatest stories of endurance.

South: The ENDURANCE Expedition [Ernest Shackleton] on regardbouddhiste.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Endurance ernest shackleton

In , as the shadow of war falls across Europe, a party led by veteran explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton sets out to become the first to traverse the Antarctic continent.

Their initial optimism is short-lived. Discover key facts about Ernest Shackleton the Antarctic explorer who led both the 'Nimrod' and 'Endurance' expeditions.

Not only was Shackleton calm under fire and in a crisis, focused, planful, optimistic and a great judge of people, he was also connected in every way possible with the workings of his team and the desired outcomes of his expedition.

Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage [Alfred Lansing, Nathaniel Philbrick] on regardbouddhiste.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The harrowing tale of British explorer Ernest Shackleton's attempt to reach the South Pole.

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