Elements of romanticism in stokers dracula essay

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Elements of romanticism in stokers dracula essay

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Stoker uses a series of letters and journal entries to tell the story form a first person point of view. The Count, for whom the book is named, seems to be invincible to mere man. Stoker uses his character of Dracula to reflect the elements of romanticism through his supernatural powers, a fascination with youth and innocence, and imagery.

Dracula seems to possess unexplainable supernatural powers. When Jonathan Harker is traveling to castle Dracula, he is unaware that the driver of his coach is the Count himself.

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I saw the fingers and toes grasp the corners of the stones? This transformation of Dracula, shows that clearly he is something more powerful than man.

Elements of romanticism in stokers dracula essay

Finally, after the Count bites Mina, the band of men are able to hunt down the Count by hypnotizing Mina. She has a mental connection with Dracula, and is able to sense his surroundings, even when he is far away.

Elements of romanticism in stokers dracula essay

Also, Dracula has power over Renfield, and lunatic-asylum patient. Renfield serves as a prophet and henchman for Dracula. Dracula uses his supernatural powers to feed his fascination with youth and innocence. The general effect was one of extraordinary pallor. This description of the Count shows that while he is old, he still possess some attributes and features of the young.

Once Dracula finds that the men have made a bond against him, he makes a bond to take all of their women. He succeeds in transforming Lucy and scaring her mother to death, although Mina is stronger and the men save her by killing Dracula.

Also, the three women vampires in his home are past conquests of beautiful, young women. Dracula only sucks the blood of young women in the novel reflecting his hunger for youth and innocence.

As the novel continues, the Count grows younger; his hair turns from an elderly white, to a more youthful gray with each meal. Stoker also uses imagery, a powerful tool in romantic writings, in describing the Count. The imagery used in describing Dracula let the reader feel the rage, violence, and furry which is taking place.

This final image of Dracula leaves the reader with a haunting vision of the king if the undead at the closing of the novel.Free essay examples, how to write essay on Elements Of Romanticism In Stokers Dracula example essay, research paper, custom writing. Write my essay on dracula stoker count.

Elements of Romanticism in Stoker's Dracula Essay During the Romantic Era, Bram Stoker created a timeless monster in his novel, Dracula. Stoker uses a series of letters and journal entries to tell the story form a first person point of view.

This being a late period entry in the Hammer Dracula cycle, the methods of despatching vampires are becoming correspondingly baroque, and there is a nice bit of business in which the elements of a morning wake-up routine, the shaving mirror and the shower, are used to deadly effect.

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