Do voilent video games contribute to youth voilence

Rochester Institute of Technology In the past 30 years, video games have had a major impact on how people spend their leisure time. The first generation of video games were nothing more than simple geometric shapes, one or more of which could be controlled by the game player. With the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in the s and Sony's Playstation in the s came new generations of games, with better graphics and more capabilities.

Do voilent video games contribute to youth voilence

Trump blames video games, movies for violence This detail led many to worry that violent video games may be negatively affecting their own children.

What is the truth? Read More Both the American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics take a firm stance against children and teens playing violent video games. The titles seem to say it all: The American Psychological Association observed in an August policy statement that research demonstrated a link "between violent video game use and both increases in aggressive behavior Video games, the academy noted, "should not use human or other living targets or award points for killing, because this teaches children to associate pleasure and success with their ability to cause pain and suffering to others.

Do voilent video games contribute to youth voilence

These clear, no-nonsense arguments appeal to many parents. However, they may not represent the views of the entire field. Some social scientists have come up with more unexpected results.

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Whitney DeCamp, an associate professor of sociology at Western Michigan University, says the evidence points to either no relationship between playing video games and violent behavior or an "insignificant" link between the two.

Screen violence -- real and fictional -- harmful for kids, experts say Sure, he said, some studies have revealed a connection between kids playing violent video games and violent behavior. But there is a problem with "looking at those two things in a vacuum": Kids who like to play brutal video games may have a predisposition toward aggression, he said.

The real question, he said: Does playing violent games cause a person to act violently? In his own studyhe examined that question using data from the Delaware School Survey, which included responses from 6, eighth-graders. Among the questions, students were asked whether they had played violent video games in the past year.

DeCamp factored out the propensity to play violent video games due to a natural attraction to brutality along with other factors, such as gender and family relations. He discovered that playing video games, no matter how bloody, did not predict violent behavior.

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Christopher Ferguson, associate professor and co-chairman of the Department of Psychology at Stetson University, supports this view.

In fact, he goes so far as to suggest that violent video games may help reduce societal violence rather than increase it. He added that newer studies "with better methods" have typically failed to find much evidence of a connection between brutal games and even minor aggressive acts, let alone violence.

Persuasive evidence comes from an economic study published in Februarywhich looked at violent criminal offenses in the weeks after the release of popular video games. Tracking both sales and crime rates, the authors discovered that general societal violence decreased in the weeks after the appearance of a new edition of a popular title.

Obviously, this does not rule out longer-term effects, the authors admit. Still, they make a bid for the games offering "cathartic" effects, allowing players to safely release their aggression.

While the debate rages on, Ferguson believes the tide has turned against linking video games to violence. When asked about the teen shooter in Munich, DeCamp said, "we need to take a lot of caution before we place the blame on any one particular thing. Both the psychological association and the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest that parents take an active interest in and monitor the games played by their children.

This simple bit of practical advice -- and not an all-out prohibition -- may be the best solution.Violent images on television and in the movies do contribute to greater violence in society. Sociological studies along with common sense dictate that we do something to reduce the violence in the media before it further damages society.

Video games do have a huge effect on many unsuspecting kids. The power a character possesses makes him super strong and he starts killing people.

The poor little kid will envy his power and try to be like him/her. Therefore, the little kid ending up killing someone or hurting someone badly.

Do voilent video games contribute to youth voilence

Media violence and its impact on society and teenagers Irina Reissler Reissler, Irina, "Media violence and its impact on society and teenagers" ().Capstone Projects and the existing violence overkill on TV and the video game industry do not contribute to the development of their emotional and moral intelligence and.

Jan 15,  · The recent rape allegations in Steubenville, Ohio raised concerns among parents about whether social media is encouraging bad and sometimes .

Last updated on: 3/29/ PM PST Video Games Video Games Home Page > Top Pro & Con Quotes > Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence? >. Dec 17,  · "The violence in the entertainment culture, particularly with the extraordinary realism to video games and movies now, does cause vulnerable young men, particularly, to .

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