Concealed carry laws debate

Robinson jarobinson1 0 Comments InTime magazine reported that there had been 23 shootings on college and university campuses that year, including an attack at a community college in Oregon that claimed 10 lives. Prompted by such headlines, lawmakers have started taking a closer look at policies regulating weapons on campus. In some states, shooting incidents or fear of shooting incidents have caused lawmakers to seek to expand existing gun regulations. Infor example, five states introduced legislation to prohibit concealed carry weapons on campus.

Concealed carry laws debate

For stopping power at close range ,I prefer the It is harder to conceal because of its size and weight. The Ruger 9 mil is easier to carry concealed,And a whole lot lighter. Both are comfortable to shoot,to me.

A 45 is not for everyone. If you carry concealed the weapon of chose is what you are comfortable with. Handling and performance,depends on the owner.

The Military has been changing weapons since day one. I suppose it usually comes down who can supply what the military wants and how much they cost. I prefer the Ruger or the CZ.

Reply Hugh Jorgan October 6, at 7: So, have you experienced shooting someone at close range with each caliber to determine the stopping power of each round?

I guarantee with proper shot placement, either round will do.

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Reply Kevin May 15, at 5: Reply JS Leonard May 23, at 1: Shot placement was nearly identical. The issue is the 9mm one penetrated which resulted in through and through shots.

Reply Poupon Marx June 22, at 5: You shoot when you can, at the place you most want. Shot placement is not a variable, it is a constant. The bullet lands in the same place because the entire situation and milieu is what determines it. That and other factors.

Here is the money point: Whether it hits the shoulder, the leg, arm, hip, whatever. THAT shot better make a change. Police usually shoot from a distance.

The Concealed Carry Debate

You, ordinary walking around citizen are likely to be accosted from very close range, within say 10 feet to up close. You may be knocked down and have to squeeze off a once and last shot to save you life.

Bertski November 27, at Where aim for the middle of the whole body. Different bullets and guns have different patterns.

Concealed carry laws debate

Look at the Walter Scott shooting. Pretty broad pattern where adrenaline can also make hands shake.In a year's time, Illinois went from a complete ban on public carrying of firearms to a concealed carry law that's now being implemented. Here's a look at the steps an Illinois resident must take to get a concealed carry license and other aspects of .

What is the best concealed carry gun? Start your research here, and learn exactly what you need to know about the best concealed carry gun. And there are many nuanced laws in-between: allowing for both methods or requiring a permit for concealed carry, but no permit for open carry.

Part of the reason for the different laws is that the debate surrounding concealed vs open carry is complicated enough to allow for different interpretations and conclusions as to the best public policy. When a concealed carry permit holder has a gun, it is harder to actually tell if they have a gun.

these don't encompass every scenario, but in a basic assault, guns on both sides should increase the chance of murder. "Conceal carry laws decrease violent crime." In the past the question was how much guns caused crime. The debate is now. Attaching the concealed-carry reciprocity measure puts the bipartisan measure to beef up background checks in jeopardy in the Senate.

The legislation as passed by the House faces an uncertain. Nevada has some of the most relaxed gun laws in the country, a legislative condition that is sure to come under renewed scrutiny in the wake of the worst mass shooting in U.S.

history on Sunday.

The New Illinois Concealed Carry Law | Illinois State Bar Association