Caltech thesis

The program consists of a set of five core courses see details below.

Caltech thesis

As described in more detail below, the doctoral program in Materials Science consists of taking a series of preparatory classes, followed by an oral candidacy exam, a written thesis, and a final oral thesis defense.

The goals of this program are to develop competence in a chosen field of specialization; to develop tools with which to assess problems outside the student's field of specialization; to develop sufficient strength in the physical sciences for self-education beyond formal training; and to cultivate the motivation and foresight to become a productive and influential leader.

As such, the graduate program in Materials Science is designed to be a doctoral Caltech thesis and students are only admitted into the doctoral program.

Preparation for the Graduate Program

Study and research programs for the Ph. A comprehensive research project resulting in an original contribution to the field documented by a dissertation is required. A minimum of three academic years in residence as a graduate student are required by the Institute, and two or more additional years are usually needed for preparation of the thesis.

There is no language requirement for the Ph. No minor is required for the Ph.

Graduate Studies

Students are, however, encouraged to take advanced courses appropriate to their particular interests. Advising and Thesis Supervision An interim adviser is appointed for each student upon admission to a graduate degree in Materials Science typically the Materials Science option representative.

The interim adviser will serve as the primary mentor until the student finds a research adviser. The important adviser—advisee relationship requires effort from both parties, and some general expectations are outlined earlier in this section of the catalog.

In consultation with their research adviser, the student should then form a Ph.

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This four member committee should include: The research adviser and the thesis advisory committee provide the majority of mentoring to the student, providing advice on research, progress toward the Ph.

Requirements for Candidacy to the Ph.


Degree To be recommended for candidacy for the Ph. To continue in the graduate program, the student must maintain a B— average for each term.

Caltech thesis

Alternatively, if the student has taken equivalent courses elsewhere, he or she may prove competency to the instructor of the equivalent course at the Institute and request a waiver of the required course.

With the above course schedule as a guide, students must complete a minimum of units of courses, numbered or above, plus 2 units of MS ab, before presenting themselves for the candidacy exam.

The coursework towards the Ph. Only courses in which a student has obtained a grade of C or higher will be counted toward the unit minimum.

No more than 27 units of research through MS can be counted toward the unit requirement of candidacy.Katherine L. (Katie) Bouman. Katie Bouman's research focuses on computational imaging: designing systems that tightly integrate algorithm and sensor design, making it possible to observe phenomena previously difficult or impossible to measure with traditional Thesis and Final Examination Before graduation, each candidate is required to give a public seminar presenting the results of his or her thesis research.

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For final examination and thesis completion, see the general degree requirements and the section on Examinations, Committees, and Student Responsibilities regarding aerospace in the Caltech  · This thesis uses computational methods to study the facilitation effect.

A neuron is facilitated if a sub-threshold synaptic input can cause a neuronal output under the influence of a stimulating electric Title: Value-based decision making and learning as algorithms computed by the nervous system.

Abstract: "How do we do what we do? Casting light on this essential question, the blossoming perspective of computational cognitive neuroscience gives rise to the present exposition of the nervous system and its phenomena of value-based decision making and  · Design of High Speed Communication Systems Thesis by Saleem Mukhtar In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of extraordinary sacrifices they made to make not only my education at Caltech, but also my undergraduate education at This thesis will explore a promising emerging technology called Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors (MKIDs).

MKIDs make use of the change in the surface impedance of a superconductor as incoming photons break up Cooper

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