Bullying should be condemned by society

Lorde 'bullied' after dropping Israel show New Zealand singer cancelled concert after letter by BDS activists highlighted Israel's treatment of Palestinians. The year-old performer took the decision after two supporters of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement BDS published an open letter to the singer, urging her not to play in the state as it would be seen as "giving support to the policies of the Israeli government" against Palestinians.

Bullying should be condemned by society

I was frequently attacked by them as a kid, because I was small for my age, bookish, and a smartass. Not a good combination. Maybe there is a common theme here.

Which leads me to my main point here: Even in good schools, bullies exist, and they mercilessly prey on smaller, weaker, meeker kids. We are talking serious violent crime here: Why is there no outcry over this?

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Why is it tolerated? I am not fond of the over-litigiousness of modern American society, but if my boy were attacked by another kid in school, I would sue the attacker and his parents for assault and battery. We will never know the proper educational organization until we allow freedom.

Bullying should be condemned by society

As it is, the government defines what a school is. Not pretending to be a psychologist, but having been bullied and done a little bullying myself as a child, let me offer this explaination: The humiliation of another enlarges the bully in his own mind and there only.

He picks his victims purely on the basis of risk. That is, the lower the risk to himself the easier the target. Sounds like a few chicken-hawks we know in D.

Very laissez-faire I think. But sometimes the kid is too small or weak. And in high school, we are talking seriously possible harm now.

Why does a bully get away with it? In my view, if a kid bullies, he ought to—quite literally—be arrested and imprisoned for a time, and punished with severe pain.

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And if he does it again, he should be imprisoned for a long time, if not ejected from society. I am quite serious. They are criminals, pure and simple. There is no excuse for it. Were you irrevocably damaged by your tormentors all those years, or are you a smarter stronger person today?

It takes a little bit of trial to forge a character worth having. Nice long episode on bullies there complete with the murder of a teacher by bulliesbut was their society so hopelessly horrid because of it? Some women survive rape too and become stronger, or other people survive muggings etc.

But that does not excuse rape nor do we say we want just a little bit of rape in society to keep us on our toes. The ideal is the elimination of all aggression, even if this might make us more docile or something.

It might be a good problem to have, to learn how to adapt to a violence-free world. I agree, people need to be stronger, but bullying is not only wrong, and intolerable, it is aggression, pure and simple. To me, the key to libertarianism is a paramount concern for the victims of aggression.

Bullies are nothing but thugs and should be physically beaten and imprisoned. Probably the best aproach would be to go to the dad of the bully. Learning how to deal with bullies is part of becoming an adult. Parents suing the parents of other children is the infantilization of society John Taylor Gatto was referring to in the link.

Being ready to bring the family demolishing arm of the state in to solve your problems gives the other whiners the same tool they cry about all the time.One of the biggest problems with discussions on 'school bullying' is that we define bullying differently than we would in other situations.

Bullying should be condemned by society

It makes it so we analyse it from a different perspective, a perspective that fundamentally disrespects the pain of children. Bullying in the adult world is called; battery, assault, robbery, harassment, kidnapping, false imprisonment, etc.

7 days ago · Spread the message that bullying is not tolerated by society The greatest problem in the world in status quo is that people think that bullying is allowed and there are no rules advocating against bullying.

Anti Bullying alliance is a very positive site which can change lives and give victims of bullying the courage to keep moving on forward. I'm actually working on an anti bullying project which requi res quotes in the form of video. Schools and parents should be equally involved and held responsible, and if and when mediating solutions occur between schools and parents the targets of bullying should resort to the legal system.

Policy makers should start fully incorporating bullying and cyberbullying in the law. I was bullied at high school One of the worst experiences for a child or teenager is being bullied. It affects so much self-esteem and gives a sense of being a fail.

It happened to me, I know how it feels to be bullied. When I finished elementary school I got a scholarship to study my high. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

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