Blue tooth technology essay

Infrared technology is what most TV remotes use. The distance an infrared signal can travel varies based on the strength of the remote, but is usually less than 50 feet for household electronics.

Blue tooth technology essay

The tasks of the mobile Data Acquisition Unit are to maintain Bluetooth connections, to get information from the sensor and sending it over the wireless connection, to deliver the alarm messages sent from the Central System Unit to the operator and handle personalized ID cards.

Central System Unit maintains the other side of the Bluetooth connection, buffers incoming sensor data, performs on- line data analysis, records the conclusions for further exploration and provides visualization interface.

Data Acquisition Unit is a mobile part of the Blue eyes system. Its main task is to fetch the physiological data from the sensor and to send it to the central system to be processed. To accomplish the task the device must manage wireless Bluetooth connections connection establishment, authentication and termination.

When an exceptional situation is detected the device uses them to notify the operator. Voice data is transferred using a small headset, interfaced to the DAU with standard mint-Jack plugs.

Central System Unit hardware is the second peer of the wireless connection. The Blue Eyes software comprises several functional System core facilitates the transfers flow between other system modules e. The System Core fundamental are single-producer-multi-consumer thread safe queues.

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Any number of consumers can register to receive the data supplied by a producer. Every single consumer can register at any number of producers, receiving therefore different types of data.

Naturally, every consumer may be a producer for other consumers. This approach enables high system scalability — new data processing modules i.

Connection Manager is responsible for managing the wireless communication between the mobile Data Acquisition Units and the central system. The Connection Manager handles: The separately running Data Analysis module supervises each of the working operators. The module consists of a number of smaller analyzers extracting different types of information.

Each of the analyzers registers at the appropriate Operator Manager or another analyzer as a data consumer and, acting as a producer, provides the results of the analysis.

The most important analyzers are: The new modules are created using C4. All the incoming alarm messages are instantly signaled to the supervisor. The Visualization module can be set in an off-line mode, where all the data is fetched from the database.Think back the first cell phones that were available, before the days of text massaging and blue tooth.

Technology is essential in our society in order to grow and move toward the future. We have the ability to shape the world we live in. Bluetooth technology is being used extensively in hand-held devices and wireless computing [Pico Communications] because of its characteristics mentioned above.

Bluetooth Technology Simplified: Bluetooth Technology Advantages and Disadvantages

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With the increased use of camera phones and Multimedia facilities and blue tooth technology, mobile phone related cyber crime incidents are increasing. Cybercrime includes traditional activities such as fraud, theft or forgery, whenever a telecommunication system is involved. While using the Bluetooth feature, you can run through a lot of advantages to and at the same time and run to a lot of disadvantages also.

Blue tooth technology essay

With about every great technology, there has to be something in there that makes it not perfect. Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology that lets you connect computers, mobile phones, and handheld devices to each other and to the Internet.

Bluetooth technology eliminates the need for Short essay on Bluetooth.

Blue tooth technology, standard and application Assignment