Bakery business plan philippines

With so much unemployed people in this country, and the age factor, its getting harder and harder to get employed. Most of them end up in supermarkets and department stores as shelf stacker and cashiers, some are call centers agents and fast food crew. There is a blog I read encouraging people to create a business and be an entrepreneur and not telling the truth about the hardships and uncertainty on creating a business.

Bakery business plan philippines

License Opening a commercial bakery requires undergoing processes which would grant you with the necessary documents like business permits and licenses.


Two things your bakery should have are product liability and standard liability insurances. Another important thing is to have fire insurance in case fire breaks out from faulty wirings, equipment, and accidents.

You might also want to throw in compensation insurances for your employees. Equipment In order for your bakery business to run smoothly, it is important that you have access to appropriate and quality equipment. You should have ovens and mixers of different sizes and features.

Display cases, as well as refrigerators are important for the food you are selling. Your bakery equipment should be in a perfect working condition.

Set-Up This is one of the basics of setting up a bakery business. You should have the capital or the funds to either rent or purchase a building and the equipment for your bakery.

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This is where the need of a well-formulated business plan comes into play. Staffing Hire people who can handle tasks such as advertising, marketing, baking, and accounting.

It is also essential to hire someone to be working in the front counter while you do your baking in the back. And always be prepared to hand out your bakery business card when you go to events.

bakery business plan philippines

As a final note, it is very important that you approach successful investors in the same business; this will give you a realistic insight on what it takes to run a successful bakery, the challenges involved and the possibilities or profitability of the business.

Writing a Business Plan for a Bakery — A Sample Template Going by the huge demand for baked foods, a bakery business has excellent chances of success.

However, the success of the business hinges largely on the skills and experience of the owner as well as how carefully the business is planned from the outset. If you are planning to start a bakery business, you need to write a business plan.

While you might want to dismiss this idea as insignificant, you must bear in mind that the business plan is the only official document that will detail the analyses of every aspect of your business. Although writing a business plan might not guarantee the success if your bakery business, not writing it is a shortcut to failure.

Here are the guidelines for writing a detailed business plan for your bakery business: You should include details about when, where, and how you are planning to start your business. Also include vital information about you, the business owner, and your skills and experience with which you will run the business.

Should you require third party funding to finance your bakery business, this section of your business plan will convince investors or lenders that you really have what it takes to start such a business.

Write your market analysis You need to conduct an extensive analysis of your business and the market in general, and document your findings. This is to find out whether there is demand for your products and whether the business has an alluring growth potential.

This is why we provided you with a sample bakery business plan template to help you out. This section of your business will also include as much as possible information about your prospective customers, including their income level, spending habits, dietary preferences.

You will also include details about the competition in this section. Obviously, you will sell baked foods, but specify if it will be cakes, breads, pies, ethnic-baked foods, or specialty items such as gluten-free products. You may want to include custom-made orders such as after-school cupcake decoration for kids, birthday cakes, valentine cakes, wedding cakes, and so on.

Discuss management Detail how your bakery will be managed. You will include your expertise and qualifications, as well as those of the employees that will work with you. If you are very good at baking but lack accounting skills, you should detail how you will handle that, for example if you will hire an accountant.

You will also need to work with an attorney, especially if you are using the business plan to seek investors or to get a line of credit. Write your marketing plan The marketing plan section of your business plan will detail what you will do to attract customers to your bakery.

It will include your products, pricing, place or distribution, and promotion. You should describe the products you will sell, your bakery locationyour pricing strategyany extra services you will offer such as delivery services, and any growth plans.

In addition, this section will also include details of your advertising campaigns or public relations efforts. Write your funding plan After having calculated how much startup costs you will need to get your business up and running, you need to figure out how to procure the funds. If you cannot provide all of the required funds from your own end, you will need to approach third parties such as angel investors or banks and other lending institutions.

Make your financial projections This section will include details of what you expect to make within a certain period to break even or make a profit. This period could be a fiscal or calendar years.Jul 31,  · This article is part of our Bakery Business Startup Guide—a curated list of articles to help you plan, start, and grow your bakery business!

Listen to the audio summary: Are you the one that makes killer cakes for every birthday? Do you churn out to-die-for donuts? If you’re ready to turn your /5(). 20 Small Business Ideas in the Philippines for Pandesal making business – or should I say set up a bakery business but what I have in mind is selling only pandesal.

So why pandesal only? if you plan to have food cart business and cannot afford a well known brand with a pricey franchise fee, you can set-up your own food cart and. Bread Society LTD. provides a superior array of bakery foods and is better positioned than the Company’s primary competitors to take advantage of the increasing demands for bakery foods due to the Company’s focus exclusively on high-quality bakery food products production and distribution.

The only thing better than the smell of freshly baked bread or sweets is the smell of success. Your business plan can be the key to making your business thrive. Look at a few of these sample business plans for bakeries for guidance.

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Our experts write it for you or re-write it into a bankable proposal. Contact us to discuss the possibilities. Oct 30,  · By taking the time to learn the craft, you too can start your own bakery business and potentially make good money out of it.

Filipinos love to eat %(4).

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