Ameritrade strategic evaluation

Using these financial concepts gives you an easy-to-follow investment plan tailored to your needs.

Ameritrade strategic evaluation

The group will share the new strategies and tactics advisors are adopting to grow their practices in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Ameritrade strategic evaluation

Session 2 Digital Tools and Communications This session focuses on keeping pace with the rapid evolution of digital tools and new methods of communication. Session 2 How Technology Can Help Firms Meet the Rising Demand for Alternative Investments Demand for alternative investments has increased in recent years as investors seek new ways to achieve enhanced income and non-correlated returns.

This session explores how the alternatives landscape has evolved, the operational challenges associated with alternatives, and how technology is making alternatives more accessible and transparent.

Session 2 Digital Transformation: New Avenues for Growth This panel explores digital transformation — what it is, and how digital products and solutions are transforming the day-to-day experience for the investor, the advisor, and the home office.

The expert panel will review the host of new tools, including robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain and the distributed ledger, and provide a realistic assessment of their potential to drive efficiencies and enable growth. Session 3 How Centralized Decision-Making Changes Intermediary Sales The industry has observed a marked increase in centralized decision making, including the growing use of model portfolios, which has been mandated by various advisor networks.

This session examines how this trend is impacting intermediary sales and what a switch to marketing to the home office rather than individual advisors entails.

Session 3 Regulatory Developments Impacting Investment Advisers This session provides an overview of relevant regulatory initiatives affecting investment advisers. This panel reviews the evolving expectations of the modern-day investor, how advisors can use technology to drive growth, and the ways hybrid advice has helped many advisors reach new clients.Regardless of firm type, business model or distribution channel, our industry is focused on “growth.” In pursuing growth – whether defined by AUM, net sales, endpoints, revenues, operating margins or any other metric – sponsor firms and asset managers are today navigating a wide range of disruptive forces.

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Modern Portfolio Theory Asset allocation, diversification, and rebalancing are all part of a sound investment strategy built upon the time-tested economic concepts of Modern Portfolio Theory. Using these financial concepts gives you an easy-to-follow investment plan tailored to your needs.

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